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  Revisiting Our Strengths

Episode 57 – Revisiting Our Strengths  In preparation for talking about flow in the next podcast, Chris and Rowan discuss the benefits of completing the character strengths exercise. An awareness of your character strengths can significantly improve your well-being and enhance your problem-solving capabilities. We discuss the character strengths, particularly in the context of… Read more »

  Dealing with Uncertainty and Omicron

Episode 56 – Dealing with Uncertainty and Omicron  In our first podcast for the new year, Chris and Rowan discuss some ways that we can best preserve our mental health as covid becomes more prevalent in the community. We talk about some ways of minimising and dealing with the uncertainty that we’re all facing… Read more »

  Regulating Responses to Threat

Episode 55 – Regulating Responses to Threat  In our final podcast for the year, Chris and Rowan discuss Polyvagal Theory, which relates to the way we respond to threatening situations. We discuss the impacts of the freeze-submit, the fight-flight and the social engagement systems and how they are each called upon to address threat… Read more »

  Attitudes Shaped by Evolution

An article about the potential reasons for the range of very different attitudes that many people have to Covid vaccines and how this might relate to various evolutionary systems for dealing with threat.

  The Sustenance of Social Support

Episode 51 – The Sustenance of Social Support  Chris and Rowan discuss the importance of our social connections for our physical and mental health. We talk about some of the benefits that can come from social support and also some of the problems that can arise from loneliness and social isolation.   This Week’s… Read more »

  Regaining Our Social Connections

An article about the importance of social connections to our mental health, something which we can hopefully gain even more from as our Covid restrictions ease.

  Overcoming has its Silver Linings

An article is about silver linings that can result from going through trauma, loss or prolonged stress, including dealing with the pandemic.

  It’s a Time for Compassion

This article describes the stress-relieving power of showing compassion in our relationships. For a more in-depth discussion about these themes, please listen to our podcast episode, Strengthening Self-Compassion. You can listen on the player below or on your favourite podcast player.  For more episodes of our practice podcast, Psych Spiels and Silver Linings, click… Read more »

  Agency Helps Us In Tough Times

An article about a main theme from the recent World Congress of the International Positive Psychology Association – the importance of having a sense of agency, especially when facing adversity.