Tag: Depression

Existential depression in young men

Over recent years I’ve noticed an increase in depression amongst bright, creative and resourceful young men in early years of adulthood. I think it hints at deep social and cultural change. This pattern contrasts with that expectation that mental health problems such as depression are more likely to be suffered by those who are less… Read more »

Self-compassion bolsters our mental health

Self-compassion is important for our mental health and wellbeing. Most of us will suffer from at least some form of mental distress at some point in our lives that could warrant some external help, especially after intense or prolonged periods of stress. There is now much less stigma associated with seeking help for such difficulties… Read more »

Beating the Winter Blues

As the days get shorter and colder, some of us will be dreading the “winter blues”. Geelong’s latitude of 38 degrees south means that there is substantial variation in our seasons. Many of us enjoy this variety and have different preferences for our favourite season (my theory is that depends partly on when we were… Read more »