We are currently offering face-to-face, telehealth and phone consultations. Face-to-face appointments will pivot to telehealth if: we go to stage 4 lockdown, the psychologist or client has cold or flu-like symptoms, the psychologist or client is awaiting a negative COVID test, or any other Government restrictions determine that a change to telehealth is necessary. Unfortunately, we don't currently have the capacity or providers to take on clients who are referred through TAC, WorkCover, NDIS, or VOCAT. Click here to learn more. We offer a range of services that focus on transformative change that is likely to last. We believe that the most powerful change involves a deep understanding of what is most affecting a person or group system. This includes recognizing the main sources of problems or blocks to wellbeing as well as recognizing our clients’ greatest strengths and resources available. The services we offer include:
  • Individual therapy
  • Child and family services
  • Online Therapy groups
  • Business services
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Coaching
Individual therapy remains our mainstay of clinical interventions, owing to the extent to which it can be tailored for each person’s interests. Therapy groups may have particular advantages including learning that one is not alone with a problem and learning from others’ experiences. We routinely evaluate our therapy interventions in order to offer realistic feedback about what changes are likely or possible, to evaluate progress and to enhance outcomes. Our business and coaching services are primarily focused on applying positive psychology interventions to help bring out the best in each person and as a group, at times as a supplement to other strategies including stress management, conflict management, debriefing and processes for managing change.