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  The Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Episode 33 – The Pitfalls of Perfectionism Perfectionism, or rigid expectations, is often linked with depression. Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of perfectionism as well as some strategies for managing perfectionistic tendencies. This Week’s Links When Passion Becomes an Obsession Passion is One Thing, Obsession Another Character Strengths Survey Rowan’s new podcast – Individuate… Read more »

  Passion is One Thing, Obsession Another

This article outlines the benefits of engaging in activities that we might refer to as our passion, however our passions can get out of hand if our approach and reactions towards discontinuing these activities are compulsive or rigid.

  When Passion Becomes an Obsession

It’s great to be passionate about our pursuits, whether work, sport, or other hobbies and interests. Well – this might often be the case, but not always. It depends on how we exercise our passions. As explained by Professor Robert Vallerand, an expert in the field of positive psychology, it depends on whether our passion… Read more »