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  Dealing with Depression

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Episode 7 – Dealing with Depression  On this week’s episode, Chris and Rowan look at ways of managing with depression using general psychological techniques as well as how to use strategies from positive psychology to ensure that you’re able to keep yourself out of depression. We also share some of our personal experiences with… Read more »

  Identifying Signature Character Strengths

One of the most useful and widely used Positive Psychology strategies for promoting wellbeing is to identify and draw upon our signature character strengths, which relate to our enduring key virtues. These character strengths are the kind of virtues which are recognised by all cultures. There is an accessible scientific method of identifying signature character… Read more »

  Episode 6 – Expunging Anxiety

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Expunging Anxiety Episode 6 – Expunging Anxiety  On this week’s episode, Chris and Rowan look at ways of managing anxiety in our current situation and how we can help those around us if they’re suffering. In recent years, positive psychology has changed some of the ways we think about anxiety, so we explore ways… Read more »

  Episode 5 – Speaking of Sport

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Speaking of Sport…  On this episode, Rowan and Chris ask the question, if sport is likely to be one of the first things to return, how can we best take advantage of it? We look at the importance of sport and the relationship between sport, the character strengths and our wellbeing. Snippet – Why… Read more »

  Isolating Not Isolated – Interview on K-Rock Radio

Chris spoke with Tom and Loggie on K-Rock Breakfast Radio in Geelong for the first instalment of their Isolating Not Isolated segment. The segment involves getting an expert on to chat about mental health in the COVID-19 age. Chris spoke about the importance of exercising and ways of using your character strengths to remain optimistic through this… Read more »

  Episode 4 – Navigating the Noise of the News

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Navigating the Noise of the News  This week, Rowan and Chris discuss ways of curating a news diet that’s healthy for our state of mind. We discuss why too much negative news is bad for us, how we can use the character strengths to improve our news diet with different sources, including new media,… Read more »

  Episode 3 – Quelling Quarrels in Quarantine

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Quelling Quarrels in Quarantine  This week, Chris and Rowan discuss ways of using positive psychology to manage the added conflict and situations that we’re all likely to face over the coming months. We discuss what conflict is and some of the main conflict styles that people tend to use, ways of using the character… Read more »

  Come on Strong

This Addy article by Chris Mackey describes the single most useful positive psychology exercise that he thinks could be of benefit to all of us in dealing with the challenges of the COVID-19 era.

  Positive Ways of Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Clinical Psychologist Chris Mackey discusses some ways to respond to the threat of COVID-19 by applying some of the principles of positive psychology. Next – see a blog with further detail on this topic.

  Episode 2 – Exercising in Exile

Exercising in Exile Rowan and Chris take on the topic of exercising under the current stay at home restrictions and social distancing. We look at why it’s particularly important to exercise during this current time, how the character strengths can apply to exercise and also look at exactly how habits are formed to ensure that… Read more »