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  When Dealing with a Psychopath

What is a psychopath? We might typically think of a serial killer, or at least someone with a criminal record. However, psychopaths can be found in many walks of life, representing about 1% of the population. Approximately 10% of people have significant psychopathic traits. They might be more prevalent in leadership positions or other situations… Read more »

  Beware Dangerous Minds in Suits

This article is about the effects of psychopathic leadership. Sadly, it seems this article is all too relevant to the outgoing US president Donald Trump.

  The Snakiness of Psychopaths

Episode 29 – The Snakiness of Psychopaths  Chris and Rowan discuss what it means to be a psychopath and how they most often show up in our everyday life. It’s estimated that as much as 1% of the population are psychopaths, so it seems that they are a lot more common than the most… Read more »

  Textbook Case has the U.S. Trumped

This article draws upon wisdom from the psychoanalyst, Karen Horney, who wrote in the 1950s. It goes a long way to account for the current political mess the U.S. is in.

  The Nastiness of Narcissism

Episode 28 – The Nastiness of Narcissism  Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of narcissism. Narcissism has come into focus recently with the behaviour of a particular World Leader. We look at how narcissistic personality tendencies develop and what we can do to manage those who have narcissistic tendencies. This Week’s Links Narcissism in… Read more »

  Narcissism in life and psychological practice

What is Narcissism? Narcissism is generally seen as a negative character trait. That is probably for good reason. After all, it implies that the person is self-absorbed to the point of being relatively disconnected from others, severely compromising their relationships. However, as with all personality characteristics, there are a number of positive aspects of narcissism…. Read more »