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Synchronicity: the uncanny and fortuitous timing of events that seems to go beyond pure chance. Synchronicity can act as a guide along our life path, helping us through challenging times and nudging us toward self-fulfillment.

Psychologist Chris Mackey offers astounding case studies, alongside a lucid explanation of the brain science underlying synchronicity and many practical suggestions for working with it, from journaling and symbol analysis to dream interpretation and ideas for accessing flow. He is convinced that synchronicity has a crucial role to play in helping us "go within" and tap into our intuitive and spiritual selves.

This book is also a passionate call for a new, more optimistic "positive psychiatry" that embraces our transcendent experiences. A 21st century take on Jung's legacy, this exciting new approach to synchronicity will appeal to anyone interested in the opportunities for personal development offered by altered states of consciousness.

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Positive Oncology
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Being diagnosed with breast cancer is one of the most shocking challenges a person can face. Positive Oncology: An Optimistic Approach to the Big C, author Sue Mackey draws on her personal experience with cancer and combines this with positive psychology strategies, evidence of mind-body connections, and wisdom from ancient cultures to provide a guide to increasing coping skills and resilience. Her Positive Oncology approach is filled with optimism for harnessing the power of one's mind to achieve greater well-being and purpose in the face of life-threatening illness.

Wow, was my first reaction when I read Positive Oncology: An Optimistic Approach to the Big C! This is a powerful and valuable resource that allows and acknowledges the grief, fear, anger and sadness and offers simple strategies to help move through these phases on the way to recovery and wellness. I will highly recommend this gem to all of my patients.
- Dr. Karen White, Medical Oncologist

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