Tag: Conflict Management

  Change, Accept, or Leave

An article about the three main coping alternatives when you find yourself stuck in a difficult situation such as a frustrating work environment.

  Supporting Change with Chair Work

Episode 101 – Supporting Change with Chair Work  Chris and Rowan discuss a therapy technique called chair work that comes from Gestalt therapy and involves acting out different parts… Read more »

  Some Basics of Schema Therapy

Episode 87 – Some Basics of Schema Therapy  Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of schema therapy. Schema therapy looks at the persistent thinking patterns that can cause underlying… Read more »

  More Mentalising – Some Therapy Strategies

Episode 76 – More Mentalising – Some Therapy Strategies  Chris and Rowan continue the topic of mentalisation and cover some of the top exercises from therapy that can help… Read more »

  The Snakiness of Psychopaths

Episode 29 – The Snakiness of Psychopaths  Chris and Rowan discuss what it means to be a psychopath and how they most often show up in our everyday life…. Read more »

  Managing with Anger

Managing with Anger One of the more common problems related to mental health is difficulty managing with anger. Anger problems typically involve repeated verbal or physical aggression, or destructive anger… Read more »

  Interpreting Anger

Episode 11 – Interpreting Anger  This week, Chris and Rowan look at the topic of anger. Recognising that there are many situations that it’s ok to be angry, we… Read more »

  Conflict Busters

This article discusses some ways of managing conflict in the home, with a particular emphasis on managing conflict in the context of lockdown.

  Sorry is a Start

Following the national apologies delivered by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in parliament, this article discusses the positive impact that these apologies may have in the… Read more »