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  Different Ways to Change

An article about the three different types of change and how we can best create long-lasting, meaningful change in our lives. The types of change are incremental, pendulum and paradigm… Read more »

  It’s Not Always Psychosis

An article about how other life experiences, including synchronicity, can be confused with psychosis.

  Worthy Coincidence

An article about the launch of The Coincidence Project, an exciting international collaboration that encourages people to share their stories of synchronicity and its impact on their lives.

  Belief in Ghosts – Is it Irrational?

Episode 99 – Belief in Ghosts – Is it Irrational?  Chris and Rowan share stories of people who’ve had encounters with the deceased and ask what meaning or benefit… Read more »

  Benefits of Sharing Sacred Stories

Episode 98 – Benefits of Sharing Sacred Stories  Chris and Rowan discuss how we can benefit our well-being by sharing our most meaningful experiences, even if they can’t be… Read more »

  Powerful Connection

It can be a powerful experience for people to feel a real-life connection with a deceased loved one. Sadly, this experience can be too readily pathologized. This article discusses the… Read more »

  Synchronicity Supporting Life Choices

Episode 61 – Synchronicity Supporting Life Choices  In a follow up to last week’s episode, Chris and Rowan discuss the role of synchronicity in affirming and directing our life… Read more »

  A Freer Future with Physics

Episode 49 – A Freer Future with Physics  Chris and Rowan discuss a number of concepts from quantum physics and how they relate to psychology and our mental health…. Read more »