We are committed to providing a fresh, optimistic and empowering perspective to mental health issues through education of not only our clients, but also the wider community.

The educational services we offer, typically without cost, include:

  • Articles
    • Clinical Handouts
    • Blog Posts
    • Newspaper Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • Clinical Research

We aim to provide up-to-date information in written, video and podcast formats based on our own original content. These include detailed tip sheets and other resources we have produced for our clients. Our very good therapy results, demonstrated in our research findings, are based on the messages in these materials.

We intend to pass on a sophisticated understanding of mental health issues in a manner which the general public can readily understand.


Helpful Websites in the COVID Era

We have compiled a list of websites related to the COVID-19 outbreak that may help you in a number of different ways. These websites may provide positive relief from ...

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Positive Responding to Coronavirus

Our personal reactions and responses to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic will not only impact on our wellbeing as individuals, but also on those around us. How might we ...

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Bilateral Stimulation - Anxiety Release App Demonstration Chris Mackey demonstrates how he introduces a therapy intervention called "bilateral stimulation" to clients. According to Mackey, this technique is the single most helpful intervention he has yet encountered for ...

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Never Take Your Own Life

Last year the suicide rate in Australia increased by 9%. Sorry to bring up such a down topic, but I assure you that things look up at the end. ...

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Dealing with Dissociative Symptoms

Nature of Dissociative Symptoms Some of the most distressing symptoms that clients report include dissociative symptoms. These symptoms include persistent daydreaming, forgetfulness and amnesia for recent events, feelings as though ...

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How to Manage Panic Attacks  Panic attacks represent one of the more common difficulties for which people seek psychological treatment. Panic attacks involve a sudden bout of anxiety or intense fear in the absence ...

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