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  Strengthening Our Resilience to Stress and Strain

Episode 108 – Strengthening Our Resilience to Stress and Strain  Chris and Rowan discuss some insights that can be gained from exploring the different meanings of engineering terms such… Read more »

  Reflecting on Failure as Feedback

Episode 85 – Reflecting on Failure as Feedback  Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of failure and how we can look at our failures in the best possible light…. Read more »

  Gaining from the Gunas

Episode 47 – Gaining from the Gunas  Chris and Rowan discuss a topic from Hindu philosophy, the three Gunas. We discuss the three Gunas of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva… Read more »

  Lightening the Load

Episode 41 – Lightening the Load  As Melbourne has recently been in a fourth lockdown of the pandemic, we thought we’d cover some ways of coping through times of… Read more »

  Discerning Our Stress Signature

Episode 36 – Discerning Our Stress Signature  Understanding our own individual response to stressful situations is one of the best things we can do for our mental health. In… Read more »

  Signs Alert Us For Our Need to Care

This article refers to some of the key tips for mental health and wellbeing including the identification of your individual stress signature. This article contains material from a recent talk… Read more »

  Balancing Acts

This article describes how we can balance out three core systems of human behaviour to support self-compassion and reduce burnout.