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Synchronicity, soul and mental health

One of the clearest emerging directions for mental health interventions in the 21st-century is the need to acknowledge a spiritual dimension in life. Spirituality partly involves a belief in some larger consciousness beyond ourselves that affects our lives. Religious people might refer to God, whereas others might consider that they receive messages or guidance from… Read more »

Inspired by the elderly

There is much we can learn from the elderly, and not just from their wisdom born of long experience, but the power of their intellect. To me this is never more evident than when attending the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference held every four years at the Anaheim Convention Centre, most recently in mid-December. As usual,… Read more »

A recipe for mental health

One thing that strikes me about the term “mental health” is that we often use it as a euphemism for mental illness. For example, many events around the country in mental health week are geared toward raising awareness about and de-stigmatizing mental illness. Whereas these are thoroughly worthwhile goals, there is more to mental health… Read more »

Boost your wellbeing with gratitude

Individuals and workplaces around the world are increasingly drawing on scientifically supported strategies from the field of positive psychology to bolster mood, wellbeing, productivity and effectiveness. Fortunately, some of the most helpful strategies are some of the simplest, and often cost nothing to apply. One such example is expressing gratitude. It could be worth reminding… Read more »

Self-compassion bolsters our mental health

Self-compassion is important for our mental health and wellbeing. Most of us will suffer from at least some form of mental distress at some point in our lives that could warrant some external help, especially after intense or prolonged periods of stress. There is now much less stigma associated with seeking help for such difficulties… Read more »

How pets can boost our well-being

How important is your pet for your well-being? Do you consider your pet to be a part of your family? Would you mention your dog or cat if you were asked to list your most important social supports? Health professionals, including myself, have tended to underestimate the potential importance of pets in people’s lives. The… Read more »

Boost your well-being with acts of kindness

Engaging in acts of kindness is one of the more reliable ways of boosting our mood. This is no surprise. We know that doing something to help others can make us feel good. But the science of positive psychology has furthered our understanding with these research findings on the impact of acts of kindness on… Read more »

Advances in Positive Psychology

Last week I attended the fifth world congress on Positive Psychology in Montreal. Having attended all five congresses, I’m struck by the field’s rapid increase in reach, sophistication and evidence base. What struck me most at this congress was the greater weight of research findings on the connection between mind and body. There was also… Read more »

What do we know about happiness?

Many of us would say that what we most want in life is to be happy. But what does this mean? If we work extra hard to achieve goals, but that restricts our family or leisure time, the increased demands on us can compromise our happiness. So pursuing happiness is not as simple or straightforward… Read more »

When passion becomes an obsession

It’s great to be passionate about our pursuits, whether work, sport, or other hobbies and interests. Well – this might often be the case, but not always. It depends on how we exercise our passions. As explained by Professor Robert Vallerand, an expert in the field of positive psychology, it depends on whether our passion… Read more »