Tag: Leadership

  Voice Good For Wellbeing

An article about the positive impact that a yes vote in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum could have on community well-being in Australia.

  Block Out the Noise

An article about various influences that can negatively impact on our judgments, based on the recently released book, Noise. It’s relevant to voting in elections, improving the accuracy of our predictions,… Read more »

  Enhancing Mental Health in Groups

Episode 90 – Enhancing Mental Health in Groups  Chris and Rowan discuss how we can get the most out of the groups that we’re a part of. This is… Read more »

  When Too Much Choice is a Challenge

Episode 60 – When Too Much Choice is a Challenge  Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of decision making and how recognising the way that we make decisions can… Read more »

  Beware Dangerous Minds in Suits

This article is about the effects of psychopathic leadership. Sadly, it seems this article is all too relevant to the outgoing US president Donald Trump.

  Textbook Case has the U.S. Trumped

This article draws upon wisdom from the psychoanalyst, Karen Horney, who wrote in the 1950s. It goes a long way to account for the current political mess the U.S. is… Read more »

  Positive Vibes

Today’s Geelong Advertiser article spells out the main theme that Chris will cover in monthly articles this year, following the theme of “it’s time for positive psychiatry”.

  Silver Lining

This article is about the importance of people receiving social support after natural disasters to assist their mental health as a key part of their recovery. The recent Australian bushfires… Read more »

  Balancing Act

  How do we find a good work-life balance? This is one of the more commonly requested topics by workgroups for talks about mental health, but I think it’s a… Read more »