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  Not Just Genes – A Recipe For Mental Health

Episode 19 – Not Just Genes – A Recipe for Mental Health  On this week’s episode, Chris and Rowan look at the part our genetics play in determining our mental health and how we can best use that knowledge to our advantage. In this episode, we look at some ways of boosting the more… Read more »

  What is Flow State and How Can it Be Accessed?

Clinical psychologist Chris Mackey discusses the concept of flow and how you can access it yourself. Being in a state of flow is when we’re fully absorbed in what we’re doing, barely aware of the passage of time. Doing activities which cause us to enter a state of flow helps us to recognise that happiness… Read more »

  Artful Dodges

This article relates to a number of cultural events that were on in Geelong in November 2017 and their positive impact on the community and individuals that attend.

  Building a Better Brain

I believe the most profound shift in the mental health field over the past decade or so has been learning more about the wonders of the brain. This was the focus of my recent talk at the Geelong Library, entitled “Building Better Brains – Inside our Minds”. Judging by the large numbers who attended, it… Read more »

  Power of Positive Psychology Pays Off

This article relates to a number of recent findings in regards to the how positive thinking affects our brain chemistry. It used to be thought that if people would benefit from a placebo, they must have a weak mind. We now more fully appreciate the potential human capacity to positively alter our brain chemistry through… Read more »

  The Upside of an Ageing Brain

Many people express concerns about the potential impact of their ageing on their abilities, and especially their cognitive functioning. Our perceived mental abilities can be an important aspect of our sense of identity and wellbeing. Fortunately, recent scientific findings show how we can bolster our cognitive functioning to help counter or reduce the impact of… Read more »