Patients may be referred under the Medicare Better Access to Psychology Scheme.

This will enable them to access six therapy sessions with a significant rebate if they have a referral to a psychologist under a GP Mental Health Care Plan. If a further allocation of sessions is required this is usually accessed via Review of a GP Mental Health Care Plan.

Under Medicare, people are entitled to a total of 10 rebateable sessions in a calendar year.

Our out-of-pocket gap per session is approximately $190.

We have a practice podcast, Psych Spiels and Silver Linings that you may be interested in.

We also have a whole range of free resources that we’ve curated into our purpose built resources library. You may also wish to look at the resources section on our website.

Please feel free to also check out our waitlist psychoeducation, which are more tailored resources for particular topics. We’ve found that many of our clients begin therapy with significant positive momentum if they have accessed some of these resources prior to their first appointment.