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  More Mentalising – Some Therapy Strategies

Episode 76 – More Mentalising – Some Therapy Strategies  Chris and Rowan continue the topic of mentalisation and cover some of the top exercises from therapy that can help… Read more »

  Illuminating Emotional Intelligence

Episode 73 – Illuminating Emotional Intelligence  Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of emotional intelligence and how improving our emotional intelligence can improve many aspects of our life. Plus,… Read more »

  Managing with Anger

Managing with Anger One of the more common problems related to mental health is difficulty managing with anger. Anger problems typically involve repeated verbal or physical aggression, or destructive anger… Read more »

  Interpreting Anger

Episode 11 – Interpreting Anger  This week, Chris and Rowan look at the topic of anger. Recognising that there are many situations that it’s ok to be angry, we… Read more »

  Addressing Avoidance

Episode 10 – Addressing Avoidance  This week, Chris and Rowan look at the topic of avoidance and avoidant personality disorders. Avoidance is a problem that arises when one’s fears… Read more »

  Transcending Trauma

Episode 8 – Transcending Trauma  On this week’s episode, Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of trauma. We look at some of the more common and complex ways that… Read more »

  Managing Anger and Aggression

Clinical psychologist Chris Mackey discusses how to manage with strong feelings of anger and aggression. If you are experiencing persistent feelings of anger or outbursts of aggression, it’s important to… Read more »

  Unlearning Habits that Lead to Violence

This article responds to the findings in the report from the Royal Commission into Family Violence and some of the interventions that could be implemented in order to change problematic… Read more »