Tag: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  The Intolerance of Irrational Ideas

Episode 54 – The Intolerance of Irrational Ideas  Chris and Rowan discuss the work of Albert Ellis, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century. Ellis, along with Aaron (Tim) Beck, who we spoke about in a previous episode, created Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). In this episode, we discuss Ellis’s Rational Emotive… Read more »

  Regaining Our Social Connections

An article about the importance of social connections to our mental health, something which we can hopefully gain even more from as our Covid restrictions ease.

  Overcoming has its Silver Linings

An article is about silver linings that can result from going through trauma, loss or prolonged stress, including dealing with the pandemic.

  Resilient Grieving with Dr Lucy Hone

Episode 48 – Resilient Grieving with Dr Lucy Hone  Chris and Rowan are joined by grief and resilience expert Dr Lucy Hone. Lucy is an author, researcher, Co-director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience and presenter of one of the best Ted Talks on the internet. Lucy’s best-selling book, Resilient Grieving,… Read more »

  Gaining from the Gunas

Episode 47 – Gaining from the Gunas  Chris and Rowan discuss a topic from Hindu philosophy, the three Gunas. We discuss the three Gunas of Tamas, Rajas and Sattva in the context of benefitting our mental health. We have found these ideas to be a good way of explaining many of the concepts that… Read more »

  Addressing Guilt and Shame with Self-Compassion

Many therapy clients experience difficulty managing guilt and/or shame. These painful emotions both involve a self-conscious or self-critical focus. They can worsen other forms of distress, including anxiety and depression. Guilt and shame tend to strongly draw our attention as they point to some threat. Evolution has taught us to pay more attention to painful,… Read more »

  Strengthening Self-Compassion

Episode 46 – Strengthening Self-Compassion  Chris and Rowan talk about an important topic, self-compassion. We discuss some reasons why people may not be particularly self-compassionate and then talk about some strategies for boosting your own self-compassion, especially when dealing with guilt and shame. This Week’s Links  Addressing Guilt and Shame with Self-Compassion – clinical… Read more »

  Supporting a Sense of Agency

Episode 45 – Supporting a Sense of Agency  Chris and Rowan discuss the idea of encouraging personal agency in a mental health context. How can we gain more personal agency in order to achieve heightened wellbeing? This podcast episode was motivated by a presentation from Martin Seligman, a pioneer in positive psychology. We talk… Read more »

  Depersonalisation and Dissociative Disorders

One of the most disconcerting symptoms people might experience when stressed is depersonalisation. Depersonalisation involves a sense of being detached from yourself, such as feeling as though your body does not belong to you. It may be accompanied by derealisation or a sense of being detached from one’s surroundings. Depersonalisation is a form of dissociation…. Read more »

  Demystifying DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Episode 44 – Demystifying DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)  Chris and Rowan discuss dissociative identity disorder, which used to be known as multiple personality disorder. We dispel some of the myths around DID and talk about ways of treating such a complex psychological condition. You may want to listen to the other episodes in our… Read more »