About Us

We are a private psychology group practice of 24 years’ standing staffed by ten psychologists. All psychologists have postgraduate qualifications in clinical, counselling or health psychology or neuropsychology.

Our purpose is to help people of all ages transform psychological problems into personal growth. This website is designed to provide information and assistance to help our clients achieve that goal.

Our broader mission is to help improve mental health services locally and beyond. We aim to do this by providing exemplary psychological services, objectively demonstrating their effectiveness through practice research, and promoting mental health awareness through community education via public talks, presentations, newspaper articles and blogs.

Our interest in offering creative and optimistic perspectives on mental health is reflected in Chris’s book, Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence (see www.synchronicityunwrapped.com.au). The second edition, The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance your mental health with the power of coincidence, was released in August 2019. Please see our books page to purchase a copy.