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Chris Mackey’s articles appear regularly in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Geelong, Australia.

  Boost Your Mental Health

This article from the Geelong Advertiser is about ways we can improve our mental health, whether receiving psychological therapy or not.

  Making Therapy More Flexible

Episode 128 – Making Therapy More Flexible Chris and Rowan discuss how therapists can individualise therapy with their clients through a process that mirrors the process of evolution. We discuss… Read more »

  Stoics Can Guide Us Well

An article about how the stoic philosophers of ancient Greece have influenced modern psychology and how we can benefit from learning about their ideas.

  Not Season for Suffering

  An article about how Christmas doesn’t always represent the most joyous time of the year for some people.

  Different Ways to Change

An article about the three different types of change and how we can best create long-lasting, meaningful change in our lives. The types of change are incremental, pendulum and paradigm… Read more »

  Power of Second Chances

An article about a new book that has just been released about second chances in life and the inspiration that can come from learning about people’s stories of overcoming their… Read more »