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  Rising Above Bullying – One Teen’s Story

With a name like Max Green, it’s no surprise golf is a favourite pass-time for one young Australian, but it also plays a more important role in helping facilitate Max’s recovery from depression and anxiety due to schoolyard bullying. This clip was taken from season one of Destination Happiness.

  Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Bullying is a significant social problem, partly because of its harmful impact on mental health. I’m especially sensitized to this issue through my involvement in a discussion on bullying at “Unleash the Beast”, a writing and well-being symposium to be held in Toowoomba in October. I’ve seen many therapy clients with enduring psychological difficulties from… Read more »

  Bystander Response

It is not just the intention or behaviour of a perpetrator, or their victim, that influences the outcome of violent behaviour, but the reactions of those around – the bystanders. How bystanders react will often make a difference, including to the behaviour of other bystanders. If the first people witnessing a violent assault seek to… Read more »

  Tackling Challenging School Issues

The following is a revised version of an article published in The Geelong Advertiser “Education Guide” supplement on May 13, 2008. Chris Mackey responded to questions put to him by journalist, Margaret Linley, who edited the original article. Additional input has been provided by Laura Capitanio, Child Clinical Psychologist. As parents we can struggle to… Read more »