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  Fortifying Our Focus in the Age of Distraction

Episode 64 – Fortifying Our Focus in the Age of Distraction  Chris and Rowan discuss the topic of how we can maintain our focus and attention amongst the many distractions in modern life. These include digital media, social media, advertising and others that compete for our attention and want to distract us from our… Read more »

  Risk Assessments Jab at our Biases

This article suggests that Australia’s relatively slow uptake of the vaccine may reflect hesitancy related to common thinking biases in weighing up risk.

  Episode 4 – Navigating the Noise of the News

Lockdown: Character Strengths and Silver Linings logo

Navigating the Noise of the News  This week, Rowan and Chris discuss ways of curating a news diet that’s healthy for our state of mind. We discuss why too much negative news is bad for us, how we can use the character strengths to improve our news diet with different sources, including new media,… Read more »

  Season 3 Audience Q and A – Destination Happiness

Angie Hilton sits down with clinical psychologist Chris Mackey to answer your questions. Is it ever ok to walk away from family members? My anxiety is so bad, I can hardly get the kids to school. What do you suggest I do? What can I do when one of my children gets angry when I… Read more »

  Helpful Websites in the COVID Era

We have compiled a list of websites related to the COVID-19 outbreak that may help you in a number of different ways. These websites may provide positive relief from the challenges we’re all facing, provide mental health resources to assist with the challenges around staying at home for extended periods of time, or they provide… Read more »


This article sums up the main themes of The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity and plans for the book launch at Watkins Books in London.

  Keep it Positive

An article about using media to promulgate positive message. In reference to the third season of Destination Happiness, starting back on Channel 9 on 7 September 2019.

  Screen Save Us

This article is about containing the amount of time that kids spend on screens and using social media compared with being outside, or enjoying green time.

  Promoting Mental Health with Positive Media

Mainstream media, including TV, radio and newspapers can have a very important role in promoting positive physical and mental health. Conveying health messages through popular media has a much greater reach than typical health interventions, which are generally targeted to individuals. As a clinical psychologist that is why I’m especially pleased to be involved in… Read more »