Demystifying Adult ADHD with Dr Ozgur Yalcin

Episode 113 – Demystifying Adult ADHD with Dr Ozgur Yalcin Chris and Rowan are joined by Dr Ozgur Yalcin to discuss some of the benefits and challenges of attention deficit… Read more »

  Awareness Leads to More ADHD Testing

Sue was recently quoted in this article about the availability of ADHD Assessments, after a recent rise in the number of people seeking an ADHD assessment.

  Navigating Neurodivergence

Episode 109 – Navigating Neurodivergence  Rowan is joined by Bianca Tassone to discuss the topic of neurodivergence and neurodiversity. Neurodivergence can include ADHD and autism, as well as a… Read more »

  The Benefits of Recognising ADHD

One of the most encouraging trends in the mental health field is that we are getting better at describing mental health problems in more optimistic ways. This includes adopting a… Read more »

  Healthy Minds

Recognising ADHD helps to not only understand the difficulties associated with it, which can be quite disruptive, but also to appreciate its advantages.

  Tips For Focussing Attention

Clinical psychologist Chris Mackey discusses how we can develop our ability to focus attention. This clip was taken from series 2, episode 3 of Destination Happiness.