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  Flow, Friendships and Families

Episode 59 – Flow, Friendships and Families  As a follow-up to last week’s episode about flow, Chris and Rowan discuss the topic in the context of our relationships and friendships. Although many of the elements of flow are individual, we can tap into flow with those around us to enhance our relationships. This Week’s… Read more »

  The Sustenance of Social Support

Episode 51 – The Sustenance of Social Support  Chris and Rowan discuss the importance of our social connections for our physical and mental health. We talk about some of the benefits that can come from social support and also some of the problems that can arise from loneliness and social isolation.   This Week’s… Read more »

  Regaining Our Social Connections

An article about the importance of social connections to our mental health, something which we can hopefully gain even more from as our Covid restrictions ease.