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  Tips for Ageing Well

Clinical psychologist Chris Mackey discusses some tips for ageing well. Ageing well physically and ageing well mentally go hand in hand. Many activities that are beneficial for the way we age physically, such as physical exercise, are also beneficial for the way we age mentally. This clip was taken from series 2, episode 11 of… Read more »

  Positive Course

This article examines the role of gene expression within the mind body connection, particularly in the context of recovering from a physical illness.

  Inspired by the Elderly

There is much we can learn from the elderly, and not just from their wisdom born of long experience, but the power of their intellect. To me this is never more evident than when attending the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference held every four years at the Anaheim Convention Centre, most recently in mid-December. As usual,… Read more »

  Elderly Inspiration

There is much we can learn from the elderly. We can learn not only from their wisdom, born of long experience, but also the power of their intellect. This article explores the on-going contributions to the field of psychology made by a number of elderly academics.

  The Upside of an Ageing Brain

Many people express concerns about the potential impact of their ageing on their abilities, and especially their cognitive functioning. Our perceived mental abilities can be an important aspect of our sense of identity and wellbeing. Fortunately, recent scientific findings show how we can bolster our cognitive functioning to help counter or reduce the impact of… Read more »

  What is a Mid-Life Crisis and What is so Good About it?

All of us will face periods of transition in our lives which involve particular challenges. Some psychological adjustments relate not so much to external events, but to more internal challenges, perhaps associated with life stages and the aging process. Early last century Carl Jung spoke of psychological challenges which occur in our lives around mid-life,… Read more »