We offer positive psychology interventions for businesses and other organisations to promote thriving cultures which put people first.

Bringing out the best in people at work is facilitated by helping leaders and other individuals recognise and creatively apply their core character strengths. Using such strengths whilst pursuing meaningful and collaborative goals promotes staff morale, wellbeing and retention.

Combined with other interventions from the positive psychology field, improved positivity in an organisation has also been found to correlate with increased profit.

We also support businesses in challenging circumstances such as:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by demands including time pressures
  • Following traumatic events
  • Before, during and after difficult periods such as retrenchment processes
  • Personality-related difficulties
  • Staff conflicts

In such situations we focus on strategies to promote resilience and learning from challenging situations to transform problems into personal and cultural growth.

This includes stress management and coping strategies, but goes beyond merely addressing problems to actively enhancing a positive work culture.

We tailor our response to each individual situation, preferably working with organisational leaders.

Our poster on Introducing Character Strengths into Diverse Organisations (click here) describes examples of our work in this area

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