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  Navigating Neurodivergence

Episode 109 – Navigating Neurodivergence  Rowan is joined by Bianca Tassone to discuss the topic of neurodivergence and neurodiversity. Neurodivergence can include ADHD and autism, as well as a… Read more »

  Monitoring and Measuring To Promote Positive Change

Episode 96 – Monitoring and Measuring To Promote Positive Change  Chris and Rowan discuss the idea that ‘what we monitor will change’ and how this relates to therapy and… Read more »

  The ABC of CBT

Episode 52 – The ABC of CBT  After the passing of Aaron (Tim) Beck, a pioneer in the field of psychology, we decided to examine his legacy and explore… Read more »

  A Freer Future with Physics

Episode 49 – A Freer Future with Physics  Chris and Rowan discuss a number of concepts from quantum physics and how they relate to psychology and our mental health…. Read more »

  Balancing Acts

This article describes how we can balance out three core systems of human behaviour to support self-compassion and reduce burnout.

  Mind the Genes

This article, mind the genes, is on how we can positively influence our gene functioning and mental health.

  Episode 2 – Exercising in Exile

Exercising in Exile Rowan and Chris take on the topic of exercising under the current stay at home restrictions and social distancing. We look at why it’s particularly important to… Read more »

  Enlighten Up

This article examines the work of American geologist Gregg Braden, who contends that our society is being negatively influenced by an outdated understanding of the evolutionary model, due to the fact… Read more »

  Advances in Positive Psychology

Last week I attended the fifth world congress on Positive Psychology in Montreal. Having attended all five congresses, I’m struck by the field’s rapid increase in reach, sophistication and evidence… Read more »

  Think Healthy

An article reflecting some of the advances in the field of positive psychology in recent times, particularly about the way that the mind-body connection relates to the complex ways in… Read more »