Relationship Counselling

When we see couples we consider that the relationship is our client, over and above each individual. We usually see partners together, but sometimes it can help to also see partners separately as part of the assessment process.

We commonly arrange three or four assessment sessions for couples. This involves getting to know and understand each person as well as learning more about the relationship. Having four sessions of assessment allows the therapist to have individual as well as couple’s sessions during the assessment phase of therapy.

We recommend that couples read our blog on enhancing marital relationships before the first appointment. This would give you a good idea of therapy principles that we follow.

Sometimes a relationship may be significantly affected by one or both partners having an individual psychological problem. We then typically advise that one or both partners undergo individual therapy or assessment. This might occur before or during the couple therapy. We might then recommend individual therapy for one or both partners. They might then see another psychologist within our practice.

Rebecca Findlow specialises in relationship therapy within our practice. Please contact us (03) 5224 1222 to make an appointment.