Helpful Websites in the COVID Era

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We have compiled a list of websites related to the COVID-19 outbreak that may help you in a number of different ways. These websites may provide positive relief from the challenges we’re all facing, provide mental health resources to assist with the challenges around staying at home for extended periods of time, or they provide the latest information on the spread of the virus itself to help you avoid confusing reporting.

Positive Resources

Lockdown: Character Strengths and Silver Linings podcast –

Destination Happiness Facebook Page –

Destination Happiness YouTube Channel –

The Happy Broadcast –

Reddit’s Uplifting News Forum –

The Greater Good Science Centre (UC Berkeley) –

Positive News – 

The Good News Network –

The Optimist Daily –

Huff Post, Good News Section –

Not All News is Bad – 

Reddit’s Random Acts of Kindness Forum –


Mental Health Articles Related to COVID-19

Positive Responding to Coronavirus – 

Looking after your mental health during a global pandemic (podcast, 5m30s, RN Breakfast) –

Silver linings – how to stay positive during the coronavirus crisis (Professor Lea Waters) –

Helping children cope with emergencies (Centre for Disease Control) –

Taking care of your emotional health (Centre for Disease Control) –

Why taking care of your own wellbeing helps others (Greater Good, UC Berkeley) –

Headspace’s guide for young people on how to cope with stress related to COVID-19 –


Helpful Websites for Parenting

Emerging Minds blog –

The Positive Education Institute’s Learning to Flourish blog –

Professor Lea Waters’ blog –


Free, Helpful Mental Health Resources

Articles and videos related to COVID-19 and its associated challenges –

Chris Mackey and Associates free mental health resources –

The Centre For Clinical Interventions free mental health resources – 

The Gottman Institute’s blog on relationships –

Dr Russ Harris’s free resources –

Headspace blog –

Lifeline’s Facts and Information page –


COVID-19 Reputable Sources of Information

World Health Organisation’s (WHO) COVID-19 Latest Updates –

World Health Organisation’s (WHO) COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions –

Australian Government’s COVID-19 Latest Updates –

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre –

RMIT ABC Fact Check coronavirus information debunked –

Worldometer COVID-19 data –

Please also see a short video from Chris Mackey on applying positive psychology to respond to the coronavirus.