The Intolerance of Irrational Ideas

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Episode 54 – The Intolerance of Irrational Ideas

Chris and Rowan discuss the work of Albert Ellis, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century. Ellis, along with Aaron (Tim) Beck, who we spoke about in a previous episode, created Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
In this episode, we discuss Ellis’s Rational Emotive Therapy (RET), particularly around the core fears and irrational beliefs that Ellis identified. We discuss the 10 primary irrational beliefs that Ellis identified and how recognising their impact can benefit our mental health.

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This Week’s Links

List of Albert Ellis’s Ten Irrational Beliefs

Interview with Albert Ellis about RET

Counselling Session with Gloria and Ellis

Short explanatory video of Ellis and his work (includes Ellis’s thoughts on psychodynamic therapy)

The Presenters

Geelong Psychologist Chris Mackey ad his son Rowan Mackey have a podcast which helps people with lockdown mental health.
Picture: Mark Wilson

Rowan Mackey is a content producer and digital creative. After studying sports media and law at the University of Canberra, he found himself drawn to digital media after attending the first conference for podcasters in the southern hemisphere, We Are Podcast in 2016. He is also the principal of Easygoing Digital, where he has been involved in over 500,000 podcast downloads as a presenter and producer.

He currently produces the official Geelong Cats podcast, To the Final Bell and is a producer of the TV show Destination Happiness airing nationally in Australia on Channel 9 and Internationally with the Discovery Channel. He has also worked with notable organisations such as The Geelong Grammar School and Lyons Construction.

Rowan is the Digital Media Manager at Chris Mackey and Associates.

Chris Mackey is a clinical and counselling psychologist and Fellow of The Australian Psychological Society with 40 years’ psychotherapy experience. The second edition of Chris’s book, The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance Your Mental Health with the Power of Coincidence, was released internationally in August 2019.

Chris is also the resident psychologist for TV show Destination Happiness, where he presents the “Happy Mind” segment, involving brief tips based on the science of positive psychology. He also writes a regular opinion column for The Geelong Advertiser and is the resident psychologist on K-Rock radio in the mornings.

Chris was the recipient of the 2019 Australian Allied Health Impact Award for his clinical research and training, media involvement and for authoring a book on positive psychology and synchronicity.

Get in touch with Chris and Rowan – [email protected]

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