Synchronicity on Bay FM in 2018


Chris joins Daryl Reader and Roxie Bennett on 93.9 Bay FM Geelong on every second and fourth Wednesday of the month (now shifted to around 5:10 pm) for a segment on synchronicity.

We especially like to hear stories from callers (call Bay FM on 52299939 to share your story) to help appreciate the value of meaningful coincidences in our lives.

This first segment from 14th February is about stories that people gave Chris as a gift for his synchronicity jar.

The second segment below from 28th February involves a caller telling of encountering her postman and receiving a postcard with a synchronistic twist.

The third segment below from 14th March relates to what is sometimes called “human GPS”. This involves getting an unexplained inkling to head somewhere, and it is only when we arrive that we learnt why we were meant to go there. A caller shares a dramatic story about a disturbing discovery that was ultimately helpful for a friend.

The segment below from 9th May tells the remarkable story of Kevin Hines who miraculously survived after falling from the Golden Gate bridge.

The segment below from 26th June describes an exercise in seeming telepathy that Chris experienced at an international science and spirituality conference on Vancouver Island, Canada.

In the following segment from 11th July Chris describes a synchronistic connection with someone from Geelong who runs an oyster van at the small town of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, Canada. A caller rings up to describe a remarkable synchronistic story connecting people associated with her school exchange to the U.S. years later on a golf course in Anglesea.

The following segment from 25th July involves themes of synchronistic connections with those who have died including a story about a widow who was pleasantly reminded of her husband whilst vacuuming.

On 8th August (below) we discussed how synchronicity can apply to organizations as well as individuals, with reference to Joe Jaworski’s book, Synchronicity: The Inner path of leadership.

In the following segment from 22nd August a caller describes how some intriguing family connections came up from long before when her mother was going through her aunt’s old documents after she died.

On 14th November, Chris described how he has been invited to write a second edition for his book, provisionally titled The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity, and Roxie describes a remarkable coincidence in her purchase of a new home.

On 28th November, Chris describes some research by the Cambridge biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, that provides evidence for telepathic communication. This can even extend to animals, as reflected in his research on dogs who uncannily seem to know when their owners are coming home.

In this final episode for the year on 12th December, Chris summarises various common examples of synchronicity, many of which relate to the theme of connection with others. A caller explains some surprising encounters, including someone being amazed to meet up with her after dreaming about her.