Category: Geelong Advertiser Articles

Chris Mackey’s articles appear regularly in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Geelong, Australia.

  Reasons to See

An article about the Netflix TV show 13 Reasons Why and whether you should allow your kids to watch it, considering the potentially distressing content.

  Positive Force

An article emphasising the need to develop our understanding of the mind-body connection, due to an over-reliance on external biological interventions, such as medication.

  Power Within

This article provides an inside perspective on what it is like to receive a grave cancer diagnosis as well as some handy tips and takeaways for going through the harrowing process.

  The Tale of Two Heroes

This article details a story of synchronicity involving two soldiers from Gallipoli in World War I. In the lead up to ANZAC Day, it’s a good opportunity to reflect upon the often hidden ramifications of trauma, the sacrifices by so many – including their families – and the resilience of the human spirit.

  Hurting? Reach Out

As instances of suicide are on the increase in Australia, this article emphasises the importance of reaching out and speaking to those close to you when going through dark times in order to avoid some of the more acutely suicidal thoughts that some may experience.

  Hard to Be Happy

This article examines what it means to be happy in the context of potential trade-off’s that have to be made in pursuit of happiness.

  So, How Many Hours Should We Work?

This article looks at the optimal number of hours that we should work per week, and how burnout may develop if our demands outweigh our available resources to deal with any problems that may arise.

  Trump May Leave Us with Quite a Mess

An article examining the aspects of narcissistic personality disorder in the context of recent implication from the mainstream media that Donald Trump displays the characteristics of a narcissist.

  Act Now to Create Climate of Change

This article looks at Donald Trump’s history of climate change denial and explores the need to act politically in order to contain the ongoing and future risks currently being assessed by climate scientists.

  Why We Must Make the Effort Not to Let Fear Win

This article reflects upon a terrorist attack in Berlin and a thwarted terror attack in Melbourne. It reiterates the need for those in power to avoid polarising and scapegoating groups of people where possible and highlights the dangers that scapegoating people causes when enshrined in law.