Category: Geelong Advertiser Articles

Chris Mackey’s articles appear regularly in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Geelong, Australia.

  Power of Second Chances

An article about a new book that has just been released about second chances in life and the inspiration that can come from learning about people’s stories of overcoming their… Read more »

  Change, Accept, or Leave

An article about the three main coping alternatives when you find yourself stuck in a difficult situation such as a frustrating work environment.

  It’s Not Always Psychosis

An article about how other life experiences, including synchronicity, can be confused with psychosis.

  Awareness Leads to More ADHD Testing

Sue was recently quoted in this article about the availability of ADHD Assessments, after a recent rise in the number of people seeking an ADHD assessment.

  Voice Good For Wellbeing

An article about the positive impact that a yes vote in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum could have on community well-being in Australia.

  The Power of Gratitude

An article about the idea that we can’t be both grateful and resentful at the same time, so if we bolster our gratitude, we can become less resentful about a… Read more »

  Lessons From Bamboo

First seen in The Geelong Advertiser 5 June 2023 An article about insights that can be gained from exploring the different meanings of “stress” and “strain” in engineering and applying… Read more »