Category: Geelong Advertiser Articles

Chris Mackey’s articles appear regularly in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Geelong, Australia.

  Lessons From Bamboo

  An article about insights that can be gained from exploring the different meanings of “stress” and “strain” in engineering and applying them to psychology and our mental health.

  Time to Face Inner Selves

  The theme of this article in The Geelong Advertiser is that it is normal for us to have at least some parts of our personality that are in conflict.

  Starts with Small Steps

An article about one of the most helpful principles for changing behaviour, including when in therapy.  

  Worthy Coincidence

An article about the launch of The Coincidence Project, an exciting international collaboration that encourages people to share their stories of synchronicity and its impact on their lives.

  Powerful Connection

It can be a powerful experience for people to feel a real-life connection with a deceased loved one. Sadly, this experience can be too readily pathologized. This article discusses the… Read more »

  Cut Not Right Move

  An article about the recent changes made to the Medicare Better Access scheme, which grants access to rebated sessions for psychological therapy. Our practice contributed to the report that… Read more »

  Block Out the Noise

An article aboutĀ various influences that can negatively impact on our judgments, based on the recently released book, Noise. It’s relevant to voting in elections, improving the accuracy of our predictions,… Read more »

  Vital to Ask For Help

An article about how it can be more difficult to actively seek help when overwhelmed by mental distress than a physical injury, but it can be just as important.  … Read more »

  Powerful Doco on Mental Health

An article about an upcoming mental health documentary, which Chris is involved in that shows a novel approach to the treatment of prolonged mental health difficulties.

  The Power of Social Support

A podcast about the need to emphasise social support as a main strategy to combat poor societal mental health.