Category: Geelong Advertiser Articles

Chris Mackey’s articles appear regularly in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Geelong, Australia.

  Positive Power

This article outlines the contribution that Geelong is making to the wellbeing of hundreds of millions of people across the world led by Geelong Grammar’s pioneering of the positive education movement within Australia and beyond.

  A Show of Respect

This article examines a number of instances of bullying by political leaders in Australia and beyond and how we can instead take a respectful approach to those around us.

  Brutal Honesty

This article examines the work of Canadian Psychology Professor, Dr Jordan Peterson, who has had a rapid rise to prominence following his opposition of the Canadian Government’s legislative order to address transgendered people by their preferred pronoun, which, to Dr Peterson, represented an attempt by the state to control how individuals think.

  Good Enough

An article exploring the fact that despite cultural value we place on seeking and attaining wealth, research suggests that the actual relationship between wealth and happiness is relatively modest.

  Soul in Science

One of the clearest emerging directions for mental health in the 21st century is the need to acknowledge a spiritual dimension in life. This article explores the concept of synchronicity, first introduced by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and how it may fill the spiritual void that currently exists in our society.

  A Day of Unity

This article explores whether we should change the date of Australia Day from January 26th.

  Making it Work

Being about to return from holidays can be challenging in more ways than one. This article explores some of the difficulties that may arise when returning to work after a break as well as some strategies to make the transition back into the rigour of working life easier.

  Elderly Inspiration

There is much we can learn from the elderly. We can learn not only from their wisdom, born of long experience, but also the power of their intellect. This article explores the on-going contributions to the field of psychology made by a number of elderly academics.

  Healing Network for Mind Body Soul

This article advocates for a collaborative approach from local health professionals to be able to improve the health services across the board, particularly through focussing on the aspects of health related to mind, body and soul.

  Perfect Storm

This article relates to an increase in the rates of depression that has been observed amongst young men in recent years.