Category: Geelong Advertiser Articles

Chris Mackey’s articles appear regularly in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Geelong, Australia.

  What Drives People to Dress as Creepy Clowns

  This article relates to the instances of people dressing up as creepy clowns in order to deliberately intimidate people, sometimes armed with real or fake weapons.

  Focussing on the Power of the Positive

This article relates to a number of talks that took place in the Geelong Library, centred around the idea of improving wellbeing in Geelong on an individual and community level.

  Positivity Borne Out by Roll of the Dice

This article relates to how we can use synchronicity to help us in business. Often, the acknowledgement numinous coincidences can lead us towards a positive outcome, and this also extends… Read more »

  Power of Positive Psychology Pays Off

This article relates to a number of recent findings in regards to the how positive thinking affects our brain chemistry. It used to be thought that if people would benefit… Read more »

  System Should Aim for Peace of Mind

This article outlines some of the limitations with the current WorkCover system. Instead of helping injured workers return to work, the WorkCover system often exacerbates people’s psychological difficulties partly due… Read more »

  Better Access Scheme Shows Its Worth

This article looks at the benefits of Australia’s Better Access to Mental Health Scheme, described by Professor David Clarke of the University of Oxford as “the world’s first attempt to… Read more »

  Optimism Needed for Mental Health

This article calls for our leaders to take a more optimistic approach to the way mental health is discussed in politics.