Therapy Groups

Our group program is an additional service to the individual therapy we offer. We have a dedicated group room for this purpose at our 42 Villamanta Street building.

Groups offer some advantages over individual therapy as a result of opportunities to interact with other participants. Benefits include seeing that one is not on one’s own in being challenged by a particular issue or problem and learning from each others’ experience.

Groups will typically involve 5 to 10 participants. Session times and dates are determined by the availability of the therapist along with the aim of maximising convenience to participants.

Our group services can only be accessed privately and we do not accept funding through Government-funded schemes such as WorkCover and TAC. When clients are referred to us directly by their doctor specifically requesting a group intervention through the Better Access scheme they would likely be eligible for Medicare group rebates. Rebates from Private Health Funds may alternatively apply. Session times may be varied according to client needs.

All of our groups are conducted within a cognitive-behavioural therapy framework supplemented by positive psychology strategies and are evaluated using objective measures.

Taking a Step Forward Group
The Taking a Step Forward Group is designed to assist those who have previously sought individual therapy for difficulties related to social anxiety and avoidant patterns of behaviour, but who may benefit from a group experience. Such difficulties, which relate to concerns about disapproval by others, might be more directly addressed in a group therapy than individual therapy format. This has been the first group to be offered in Geelong specifically for such difficulties and has run most years since 2002.

CBT Booster Group
This group has been specifically designed for those who have previously received individual therapy through the Better Access scheme and have been affected by recent cutbacks to that scheme. It is likely to be a short-term group which will run weekly.

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