Psych Spiels Starter Packs

Are you a new listener to the show?  These starter packs are a collection of our most popular episodes grouped by topic and relevant mini-series have been sorted into the order they could optimally be listened to.

For existing listeners, you may want to go back and listen to some of your old favourites and catch up on the episodes you haven’t heard in the best order to listen to them.

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Dealing with Grief


Managing Anger and Conflict

Transcending Trauma

Demystifying Dissociation

Synchronicity and Psychology

The Meaning of a Midlife Crises

Proactive Strategies to Stay on Top of Your Mental Health

Meaning, Purpose and Life Direction

Get a Head Start on Therapy

Building Better Habits (and overcoming bad ones)

Motivation and Goal Setting

Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Boosting Our Creativity

Physical Exercise as a Mental Health Intervention

Dealing with Difficult Personalities