Free Public Talks

Local talks in Geelong for 2017

Requests for Chris to speak can be directed to our practice email address at [email protected].

This year Chris is responding to requests by various community groups to be a guest speaker rather than organising his own talks. His preferred topic for this year is synchronicity, and how uncanny and meaningful coincidences might be relevant to your life path. This is the theme of his 2015 book, Synchronicity: Empower your life with the gift of coincidence (see the book’s website at for relevant blogs, radio interviews, etc).

Talks at Probus, Belmont and Geelong West

Chris was the guest speaker on “Synchronicity” at the Belmont Probus branch meeting on Monday 6th February, 2017 and at the Geelong West branch on Friday, 12th May.

Talk at Geelong Life Learning

Chris was the May guest speaker for Geelong Sustainability/Life Learning group on Thursday 25th May at Beav’s Bar.

Talk on Kindness and Forgiveness: Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives

Chris Mackey and John Hendry will be speaking on theme of kindness and forgiveness on Sunday 29th Oct at 1pm-2pm at St Peter’s Eastern Hill parish hall, 15 Gisborne St, East Melbourne. For details, click on our Events page.