Chris Mackey and Associates is a progressive and innovative psychology practice which offers a wide range of  psychology services. We have attracted and retained very highly qualified staff  largely as a result of the quality of clinical supervision and training opportunities provided as well as administrative support offered.

Many clinically trained psychologists are attracted to our service as a result of our advanced clinical psychology registrar program that incorporates extensive free individual and group supervision.

We also provide a very positive social environment, flexibility of hours, and excellent facilities. We offer generous remuneration according to staff training and experience. We have a generous staff development budget and provide an extensive library with a wide range of educational resources.

We function as a centre of excellence in not only the clinical field, but also in the research and business spheres. We have well-developed systems in staff selection, employment, supervision, development and appraisal. We are recognized for our contribution to training which helps to uphold private practice standards nationally.

Our uncompromisingly high standards are maintained firstly by employing specialist psychologists who have completed at least a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Health Psychology or Counselling Psychology, often with additional experience in relevant specialist health services.

We are always interested to hear from suitably qualified applicants who are enthusiastic, capable and team-oriented with excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to ongoing learning. If you believe you have these attributes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if we do not have a position available, we can notify you of future vacancies. We can also send you further information including a relevant Position Description.

Early career psychologists might be interested to click on Chris Mackey’s interview with Amy Felman on episode #46 of We All Wear It Differently. The interview covers such issues as the importance of collecting outcome data and Chris’s interest in synchronicity.


Job Vacancies

We have recently posted an advertisement for a current registrar position on PsychXchange (click here to see ad ). This incorporates free clinical supervision as part of the position. Even if position vacancies are closed, we suggest that you contact us any time if you are interested in a clinical registrar or clinical psychologist position. Those psychologists who have previously indicated their interest in joining our practice have an advantage when we choose to recruit.

If you seek further information about our staffing or recruitment, please contact Sue, the Practice Manager, on (03) 5224-1222.