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Job Vacancy – Clinical Psychology Registrar/ Clinical Psychologist P2 (90K+ salary package)

We are currently seeking a full-time clinical psychology registrar or clinical psychologist for a P2 position (see psychxchange ad here).

Our practice has operated for over 25 years as a progressive private psychology clinic based in Geelong, currently staffed by ten psychologists. We seek an enthusiastic Clinical Psychology Registrar to join our team. The successful applicant will likely have a strong love of learning and excellent interpersonal skills.

The position offers a paid salary with full benefits including superannuation, sick leave and annual leave entitlements. The successful applicant will receive supervision from the practice principal toward clinical registration. We have trained over 20 clinical registrars to date. We carefully manage caseloads, and the successful applicant will likely average just around 4.5 client sessions per work day.

We offer an optimal team environment for psychologists to develop their therapy interests and skills.

You will gain an insight into our treatment approaches by visiting our website resources page with therapy videos, clinical handouts and outcome research on over 2000 clients demonstrating the effectiveness of the therapy we offer. We are nationally recognized as having collected the largest body of clinical outcome research of any private practice in Australia (see our 2019 research poster.)


Benefits include:

  • generous salaries (90K starting salary package for this P2 position; higher starting salary with more years of experience)
  • secure employment with paid annual leave, personal leave, public holidays and superannuation
  • free regular individual and group supervision
  • paid training opportunities, fully meeting CPD requirements
  • flexibility with hours
  • strong peer support
  • exceptional work facilities and 8 member administrative support team

(several of our admin team have health professional qualifications)

  • manageable workload
  • a stimulating and varied range of work suited to your strengths and interests


Our Practice Principal, Chris Mackey is a Fellow of the APS and won the 2019 Australian Allied Health Impact Award. He has 35 years’ experience in offering formal supervision to over 80 psychologists and was on the local scientific committee for the 2016 WCBCT congress in Melbourne.

He is author of The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity: Enhance your mental health with the power of coincidence and is the resident psychologist for Channel 9 TV wellbeing show, Destination Happiness. Our practice manager, Sue Mackey, also produces that show.

This is a full-time position. Availability for limited after hours work is ideal, but this is negotiable.


Requirements: Completion of a Clinical Masters or Doctoral degree

(Those nearing completion can apply)

Clinical psychologists with greater experience may enquire about positions we offer at a higher salary level (eg, 130K+ for P4 level).


Closing Date:

Friday 3rd January, 2019. Early applications are encouraged.

Pre-interview meetings with a tour of our clinic are offered.

P2 Position Description available on request.

See our website at for further details.

If you seek further information about our staffing or recruitment, please contact Chris Mackey or Sue, the Practice Manager, on (03) 5224-1222.


About our practice

(Also see our Resources page, including clinical handouts and other materials, to understand more about our clinical interests and therapy approaches).

Chris Mackey and Associates is a progressive and innovative psychology practice which offers a wide range of  psychology services. We have attracted and retained very highly qualified staff  largely as a result of the quality of clinical supervision and training opportunities provided as well as administrative support offered.

Many clinically trained psychologists are attracted to our service as a result of our advanced clinical psychology registrar program that incorporates extensive free individual and group supervision.

We also provide a very positive social environment, flexibility of hours, and excellent facilities. We offer generous remuneration according to staff training and experience. We have a generous staff development budget and provide an extensive library with a wide range of educational resources.

We function as a centre of excellence in not only the clinical field, but also in the research and business spheres. We have well-developed systems in staff selection, employment, supervision, development and appraisal. We are recognized for our contribution to training which helps to uphold private practice standards nationally.

Most supervision is offered directly by Chris Mackey, who has 35 years’ experience as a supervisor, and who has presented at numerous national and international psychology conferences over the past 25 years.

Our uncompromisingly high standards are maintained firstly by employing specialist psychologists who have completed at least a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Health Psychology, Counselling Psychology or Neuropsychology, often with additional experience in relevant specialist health services.

We are always interested to hear from suitably qualified applicants who are enthusiastic, capable and team-oriented with excellent interpersonal skills and a commitment to ongoing learning. If you believe you have these attributes, please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if we do not have a position available, we can notify you of future vacancies. We can also send you further information including a relevant Position Description.

Early career psychologists might be interested to click on Chris Mackey’s interview with Amy Felman on episode #46 of We All Wear It Differently (below). The interview covers such issues as the importance of collecting outcome data and Chris’s interest in synchronicity.

Current Job Vacancy

We have just advertised for a full-time clinical psychology registrar position (see Psychxchange ad here.)

Even when position vacancies are closed, we invite interested psychologists to contact us any time, especially if you are interested in a clinical registrar or clinical psychologist position at our practice. Those psychologists who have previously indicated their interest in joining our practice have an advantage when we choose to recruit.

If you seek further information about our staffing or recruitment, please contact Chris Mackey or Sue, the Practice Manager, on (03) 5224-1222.