Our Research

The purpose of this section of the website is to communicate findings from our past and present clinical research focussing on our clinical innovations and the treatment effectiveness of our psychological interventions.

We evaluate much of our ongoing clinical work according to a scientist-practitioner model. That work forms the basis of our ongoing presentations at national and international conferences.

The first presentation below on character strengths is a poster presentation delivered at the Third World Congress on Positive Psychology, Los Angeles, U.S.A., June 29, 2013

The second set of slides below reports on findings of treatment outcomes of over 1100 clients we have seen through the Better Access (Medicare rebate) scheme.

Chris presented this research in Lima, Peru at the World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies in July as an invited paper as part of a symposium on July 24 entitled “The Provision of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy Through a Nationalized Program of Access of Evidence-Based Psychological Treatments: the Australian Experience”. The conference slides for that presentation are drawn from the more comprehensive slides in the presentation below.

These slides contain striking findings about the effectiveness of the scheme in the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder both with and without medication. The findings point to the importance of at least a sub-group of clients having access to more than ten treatment sessions to achieve a fuller recovery.

We have also posted conference presentation slides reporting on outcome evaluation data collected to date on our treatment of clients with psychological trauma reactions. These are the slides used for conference presentations at the World Congress of Psychotherapy in Beijing in October 2008 as well as at the 2008 ACOTS (Australasian traumatic stress research) conference in Melbourne in September 2008.

Better Access Updated research (WCBCT 2016)

Drawing on Synchronicity as a Heuristic in the Therapy Setting: A Potential Positive Psychology intervention

Introducing Character Strengths into Diverse Organizations: Positive Education as a Catalyst for Personal and Cultural Growth

Treatment outcome data for clients seen through Better Access (Medicare rebate) scheme

Outcome data for clients with trauma reactions